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Recent Treasury and DOJ Marijuana Advisories Likely Not to Result in Increased Activity by Financial Industry

Posted in Colorado, Congress, Legislation (Federal), Legislatures (State)

By David Fine Twenty states and the District of Columbia currently permit the use of medical marijuana; of those, Colorado and Washington recently legalized its recreational use. Colorado has projected $578.1 million a year in combined wholesale and retail marijuana sales yielding $67 million in tax revenues. Yet, the marijuana business is almost exclusively a… Continue Reading

Is Arkansas’ Premium Assistance Proposal a Game Changer?

Posted in Governors, Health Policy, Legislation (Federal), Legislatures (State)

By Dennis Smith The news that Arkansas and the Obama Administration have agreed to put the Medicaid expansion population into the health exchange market by using premium assistance has spread to other states like wildfire. The Administration is apparently hopeful that this approach will bring reluctant governors to the expansion table. But details about what… Continue Reading

2012 Election Results and Post Election Discussion

Posted in 2012 Elections, Attorneys General, Congress, Governors, Legislatures (State), Mayors

By Eric Tanenblatt and Joseph Dowley With the 2012 elections concluded, we are pleased to provide this recap of the Presidential, Congressional, and State race results. We also invite you to click here to download a full report from our updated 50 State Resource Center, a comprehensive database focusing on economic and political affairs in… Continue Reading

Finalizing Public-Private Partnerships Legislation Will Lead To New Infrastructure

Posted in Infrastructure, Legislatures (State), Public-Private Partnerships, Transportation

By Frank Rapoport Two major conferences focusing on public-private partnership (P3) opportunities are set to take place in the coming weeks. The Urban Land Institute’s Global Marketplace Conference on June 7 in Philadelphia will bring together 500 real estate leaders and decision-makers to discuss what’s next in the world of real estate lending, development, planning, design and related services,… Continue Reading

State Legislature Reapportionment: Colorado Case Study

Posted in 2012 Elections, Legislatures (State), Political Law

By David Fine The State of Colorado’s recently completed legislative reapportionment is a case study in a difficult political and legal process that gets relatively little attention, but is critical to representation around the country. Just as at the federal level, state reapportionment happens once per decade following the census. Often, as in Colorado, state… Continue Reading

Health Insurance Exchanges: On the Horizon

Posted in Health Policy, Legislatures (State)

By Cindy Gillespie and Frank Micciche For all you health insurance exchange watchers, we’ve put together a “Look Ahead to 2012” that gives a sense of the current landscape, the big decisions to come, and what steps, if any, each state may take toward establishing an exchange this year. Keep reading for a sample, or click… Continue Reading

2012 Health Policy Outlook: It’s All About 2013

Posted in 2012 Elections, Governors, Health Policy, Legislation (Federal), Legislatures (State)

By Cindy Gillespie and Elizabeth Carpenter If we had to pick a theme for 2012, we’d pick one phrase: ”It’s all about 2013″. Presidential election years always have an enormous impact on Congressional and federal action, but the economic issues and the public’s anti-Congress and anti-Washington sentiment make this an election year where Washington is likely… Continue Reading

Elections, Money Drive Agendas in 2012 State Legislatures

Posted in 2012 Elections, Budget, Legislatures (State)

By Mark Burkhalter While serving in the leadership of the Georgia Legislature, election years and money often drove policy or the lack thereof in state legislatures across America. 2012 will likely be no different. Election year state legislative sessions can typically result in “policy paralysis.” Translation, fewer major initiatives are undertaken from fear of losing… Continue Reading