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Last Minute Agreement Provides Some Stability, Relief for Defense Budget in Short Term

Posted in Budget, Congress, National Security & Defense

By Jay Heath Despite the public protests of many fiscally conservative Members, the Senate passed House Joint Resolution 59 by a wide 64-36 margin on December 18th. House Joint Resolution 59 is the so-called “budget deal,” the product of weeks of closed-door negotiations between Senator Patty Murray (D, WA) and Representative Paul Ryan (R, WI-01)… Continue Reading

Tax Reform Moving Ahead Even As Congress Grapples with Sequestration

Posted in Budget, Congress, Tax Policy

By Joe Dowley Joe Dowley served as Chief Counsel of the Committee on Ways & Means, U.S. House of Representatives when Congress last undertook fundamental tax reform. Skeptics are questioning whether comprehensive tax reform can happen in 2013 given the concern that Congress may use revenues needed for tax reform to avoid the so-called “sequester” cuts… Continue Reading

2012 Congressional Lame Duck Session: Webinar Summary and Recording

Posted in 2012 Elections, Appropriations, Budget, Congress, Legislation (Federal), National Security & Defense, Tax Policy

By Joe Dowley A momentous session of Congress looms ahead… We are carefully watching developments in advance of the elections to gauge likely directions once voters have spoken. There won’t be much time—or open deliberation—once the Lame Duck begins. Most decisions, if there are any, will come as a result of closed door meetings between Congressional leaders… Continue Reading

2012 Congressional Lame Duck Session: Webinar Notice

Posted in 2012 Elections, Budget, Congress, Legislation (Federal), National Security & Defense, Tax Policy

By Joe Dowley With the 2012 Congressional lame duck session fast approaching, there are a number of important issues for which public and private sector actors should be prepared. To help look more deeply into these topics, including a budget overview, sequestration, defense authorization legislation, taxes, and the implications of the Presidential and Senate elections, we… Continue Reading

The Northern Tiger: What the U.S. Could Learn From Canada

Posted in Budget, Canada-U.S. Relations, Cross-border Investment, Energy Policy, Infrastructure, Transportation

By Colin Robertson Today, the Aspen Institute‘s program on Manufacturing and Society in the 21st Century is releasing a timely new study focusing on how Canada has successfully addressed fiscal and competitiveness problems similar to those the U.S. is currently facing. With support from the Canadian Council of Chief Executives (CCCE) and authored by Jeremy Leonard, the report describes how… Continue Reading

FY 2012 Requests for TIFIA Loans Outpace Amount Available 12-to-1

Posted in Budget, Transportation

By Mike Wojnar The TIFIA Joint Program Office at the U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) has announced that 26 potential applicants have submitted letters of interest requesting more than $13 billion in TIFIA loans for Fiscal Year 2012. With around $120 million available for TIFIA subsidies, USDOT can theoretically support about $1 billion in TIFIA loans. While this… Continue Reading

New Revenues Make Up Half of Obama Budget Savings

Posted in Budget, Tax Policy

By Joe Dowley Although key details have yet to emerge on corporate tax proposals, the President’s just-released budget calls for half of its $3 trillion in cuts over ten years to come from revenues. Nearly two-thirds of this $1.5 trillion would come as a result of permitting the Bush-era (2001 and 2003) tax cuts for families… Continue Reading

President Obama Unveils New Small Business “Start-up” Proposals

Posted in Budget, Legislation (Federal), Tax Policy

By Joe Dowley The Administration unveiled new proposals yesterday aimed at encouraging small business “start-ups” that build upon earlier-passed temporary tax breaks. The proposals are an effort to reach out to the part of the business sector which is responsible for “most new jobs” in the economy, according to a White House press release. The… Continue Reading

2012 Crystal Ball: Can This Congress Accomplish Anything Regarding the Nation’s Debt Crisis?

Posted in 2012 Elections, Budget, Legislation (Federal), Tax Policy

By Joe Dowley Some might argue that it already has. It has put in place a budgetary “sword of Damocles” – a scheduled January 2013, 10-year “sequestration” – $1.2 trillion in automatic spending cuts largely to defense and other popular discretionary spending. It was passed by this Congress and its existence will dominate all other legislative activities… Continue Reading

Elections, Money Drive Agendas in 2012 State Legislatures

Posted in 2012 Elections, Budget, Legislatures (State)

By Mark Burkhalter While serving in the leadership of the Georgia Legislature, election years and money often drove policy or the lack thereof in state legislatures across America. 2012 will likely be no different. Election year state legislative sessions can typically result in “policy paralysis.” Translation, fewer major initiatives are undertaken from fear of losing… Continue Reading